Internet casino and gambling online – Swedish player wins 1.2 million euros on a Unibet slotmachine.

Swedish player wins 1.2 million euros on a Unibet slotmachine.
Third euro millionaire to emerge from Unibet this year! Malta, 6 July 2009 – “Sleepless nights, but in a good way…” That is how Unibet regular L summarizes his first nights being a millionaire. The 48-year old winner from the north of Sweden pocketed a whopping 1.2 million euro jackpot at Unibet last Friday on the “Mega Moolah” slotmachine. L joins the Unibet millionaire’s club at second position, climbing over third position Nils from Norway who won 1.1 million euros in Jan… [Read More]

Ebay Bingo Stuff
As I was at a bit of a loose end tonight, I decided to have a browse through Ebay to see what bingo related items people are selling and was actually very surprised to find that there were 1,102 items currently selling in various categories: Toys & Games (493 listings) DVD, Film & TV (61 listings) Music (184 listings) Collectables (71 listings) Books, Comics & Magazines (61 listings) Business, Office & Industrial (22 listings) Crafts (33 listings) Home & Garden (39 listings) Jewellery & Watches (23 listings) Clothes, Shoes & Accessories (20 listings) Everything Else (32 listings) Local Services (28 listings) Video Games (13 listings) Health & Beauty (6 listings) Baby (6 listings) Wholesale & Job Lots (3 listings) Cars, parts & Vehicles (3 listings) Pottery, Porcelain & Glass (3 listings) Mobile & Home Phones (2 listings) Tickets & Travel (2 listings) Art (2 listing) Consumer Electronics (2 listings) Dolls & Bears (1 listing) Sports Memorabilia (1 listing) As expected there was the predictable number of bingo dabbers and game cards but I decided to look at a few of the more obscure categories to see what else was being listed. Take the Baby category for example, 3 listings were for a bingo game for baby showers, 1 listing was for a Tomy Bingo Clown talking face and there were 2 listings for bibs with the slogan ‘My nan loves me and bingo’ awww very cute. Then there is the must-have accessory, well that’s what the listing says, of a Bingo Babe Flash/LED charm/key fob. Switch your phone to silent and then clip the fob onto your bag or belt and it will apparently flash every time you get a call or a text. Anyone fancy a bingo chicks watch? This is rather quirky and I quite fancy it myself so might just watch the listing to see if it sells. Not surprisingly some of the categories had nothing to do with bingo at all such as Health & Beauty and Cars, parts & Vehicles.