Bingo Bob Loves His Bingo (Casino bus tour)

Bingo Bob Loves His Bingo
I was thinking of giving Multiply a try out, but I prefer Blogger. Any way, I spotted this fellow over at the site and he’s quite a handsome bingo fan. I’ll have to see if he fancy’s taking me out on a date at some point! To play bingo of course, come on Bingo Bob, give us a comment or something. 🙂 Shame he lives in Wales, I wonder if he ever comes to London to play? There’s so many bingo halls in London – but this is one of my favourites. Just look at the wonderful Art Deco exterior. It’s absolutely lush. They don’t make them like that any more!

Slots_keno 5.0
Slots_keno is a pair of animated keno games one with dropping balls .

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