Foxwoods casino – Have you seen the bet365 Bingo advert? Oh

Have you seen the bet365 bingo advert? Oh my! How funny is that? Watching TV the other day the adverts came on and usually I disappear to get another biscuit or a drink but the bet365 Bingo advert came on and I was glued to the screen. What an earth is with all these mutant people with bingo balls as heads? And what’s more is why aren’t the people with normal heads pointing and laughing at those with bingo ball heads. Can you imagine walking down the street and ever other person has a massive head like a bingo ball; you’d think you had been on some wacky backy or your drink had been spiked surely. The advert itself isn’t too bad but my mind definitely worked overtime with the bet365 bingo advert. It was shown again a couple of hours later and I found myself trying to count how many bingo numbers were shown and testing myself out on the bingo calls! How sad is that? Maybe it’s time for a career change! I’m only kidding
I love my job although sometimes I find myself dreaming about bingo – but I think that happens in any line of work. Please tell me it does! Back to the bet365 bingo advert – I think the music could have been a bit funkier for their advert
it’s actually quite dull. How funny would it have been if they had used a metal track and head all those huge bingo heads head banging! Or having a backing track like the My Chemical Romance track “Teenagers” and a group of hooded teenagers walking down the street and all the bingo heads running into their local bingo hall! It’s a misconception about teenagers but one that seems to stick with the older generation
being a Goth I am often avoided in the street by old people or given a nose turned up type of look. My clothes don’t define me however; they are merely an expression of my individuality.