US Powerball online

With the United States hosting so many state-specific and multi-jurisdictional lottery games (nearly fifty in total), it is logical that some of these games would be battling for centre-stage attention – especially when two of the biggest lottery games to be found in the world are virtual siblings. Up until January 18 2012, the US Powerball game had to content itself with playing the co-star role to its bigger, badder brother: the US Mega Millions. All that changed though, when the US Powerball game underwent some critical changes which saw it suddenly being capable of consistently awarding some of the biggest lottery jackpots that the world has seen.

In the year following these game changes, 50 out of 104 draws saw the US Powerball jackpots exceeding $100 million – and with a minimum jackpot value of $40 million, you actually start realizing just what an exciting and rewarding international lottery game the US Powerball has grown to become. The game itself is drawn in a rather unique and interesting way; every draw is carried out by two separate draw machines. The first machine will contain all the white balls, which have a numbered ball selection of 1-59. The second draw machine contains the red bonus “Powerballs”, which gives the game its name. These are a numbered ball selection of 1-35. The objective of the game is for a player to correctly choose five white numbers, as well as one single Powerball. This correct 5+1 combination, if successfully matched to the numbers drawn by the game’s machine, will result in you being able to claim the US Powerball jackpot – which, as we’ve demonstrated earlier, has the potential of very quickly and easily being able to climb up into nine-digit figures.

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