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If you are looking to travel to somewhere exotic but still experience a Christmas celebration, the Philippines is a great option. In addition to the Aurora borealis, adventure seekers will love walking on some of Europe’s biggest glaciers and snowmobiling the Golden Circle. December marks the best time of year to spot the Aurora borealis . This natural phenomenon is a spectacle to see and makes for a very romantic evening under the stars.

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  • Prepare to get a bit misty and go see these beauties up close and personal.
  • Regal Princess is one of the newer ships in the Princess Cruise Line family.
  • Randy decided not actually to take off his clothes and get into bed because once he got under the covers he would never get up.

You’re heading to the Caribbean with an aim to sit back, relax and enjoy life on island time. Travelling can provide you and your family unique benefits, including a fresh perspective. When we travel, things we need are not always available, and ways of living are just different. Big things, from the way governments are run, and the way school systems work, to small things like how we like our morning coffee, or workout routine are forced to be re-examined. Sometimes, if we allow our ego to settle, we can learn something new, something that could enhance our life back at home. When you experience new people and see new places, you begin to realize that actually, we are all very much similar. We all want to be loved, feel safe and enjoy a sense of belonging. Based on your personality type, you may have a short fuse when it comes to patience.

Today, we wanted to share some of our tried and tested travel essentials

Early in the morning spinner dolphins are known to play in this spot. These friendly creatures are happy to swim close to humans, just be sure not to touch them, as their health and happiness is crucial to the popularity of this location. If you want to explore the other side of the bay , you can kayak over or take a short 1.5km boat trip. On the other side of the bay, you will find colourful coral gardens and unlimited snorkelling. Milaidhoo is located in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Whether you want to snorkel all day or lay back with a good book in your overwater hammock, this is the island to do it! Enjoy luxury, privacy, beauty and remoteness all in one on Milaidhoo. Research suggests that at least eight consecutive days on vacation will allow for enough time to fully relax, both mentally and physically. The biggest tip we have is to simply be prepared.

“I wouldn’t like to see Mark’s kids go without,” he said. He saw Jim Hickey, the beekeeper, a picnic basket under his long, outstretched legs, relaxed on a bench. Before The Day Jim had rented his hives to grove owners pollinating young trees. Before The Day, Jim’s honey was a secondary source of income; “gravy,” he called it. Now, honey was liquid gold, and beeswax, with which candles could be dipped, another valuable item of barter. Jim Hickey, who was Mark’s age, had learned beekeeping at the College of Agriculture in Gainesville. It would never make him rich, he had been warned, and until The Day it hadn’t. Now he was regarded as a fortunate man, rich in highly desirable commodities endlessly produced by tens of thousands of happy and willing slaves. “Hope so. Hope to come and bring the family.” As he stepped from the bandstand he looked again at the two useless drinking fountains. There was something important about them that he could not recall. This was irritating, as when the name of an old friend capriciously vanishes from memory. This discussion, Randy knew, would continue through the day.

Resources for Travellers Venturing into Zika Virus Zones

Get comfortable at the sushi-style bar and watch the magic of French gastronomic cuisine take place right before your eyes. World-class dishes are cooked to perfection at this cozy restaurant, known for its creative small plates. The menu is continually changing with the seasons, as is the wine menu, which features over 200 wine selections to perfectly pair with your meal. To find out more information about family Alaskan cruises, contact one of our experienced travel specialists. They will be thrilled to help you and your family create a memorable experience in Alaska.

Content Cruising for the whole family Today, we wanted to share some of our tried and tested travel essentials Resources for Travellers Venturing into Zika Virus Zones Here are our top 4 suitcases for seamless, easy travel The Europe, Ireland If you are looking to travel to somewhere exotic but still experience a Christmas celebration,…