Ochekwi-Sipi Personal Care Home

One of the most popular game apps to win real cash is the PCH App. It has earned the reputation of “The Place Where America Plays to Win”. “That doesn’t mean that staff aren’t scared,” Laurie added, however. “I think everyone’s a little bit scared, including me and you, Bernie”. “Actually, I think we have a very high morale now,” Laurie said. “Everybody’s working together – probably better than they ever have been, including a lot of us that wouldn’t typically help with assisting residents with meals. “Over 95% of all staff have now been trained in feeding and swallowing so that we can all help to ensure that are Residents are being fed. Currently, about 52% of our Residents require assistance with meals.

“The recreation department has stepped up in a huge way,” she began. They have programs that run in the morning and the afternoon. Now, we also have evening and weekend staff that are doing recreation. On Thursday, May 6, I spoke with Laurie and with Aviva Tabac, Fundraising and Administrative Officer at the Simkin Centre, to find out how things have gone for the 200 residents and 250 staff at the Simkin Centre since that April 15 report. At the Villa, any resident who chooses to have an active social life and benefit from the Villa “joie de vivre” can certainly fill their days and keep as busy as they wish. Visit the activities page of any of our 3 living sectors to see the calendar for a sample of what’s happening at the Villa. Electric and battery-operated choppers, namely, electric and battery-operated food blenders, food procesors and food grinders, all for household purposes. Electric power strips and surge protectors; measuring cups and measuring spoons; outdoor thermometers; electric devices for killing insects, namely, bug zappers. Hoses, namely, garden hoses; hose connectors, namely, garden hose connectors. Pet beds; clips for securing vines and flowers; rolling seats. Mattress pads; kitchen towels; shower curtains; pet blankets. Elsie loved travelling, curling, dancing, bingo, playing cards, music, barbeques, cooking, baking, flowers, dogs and rum & Coke, but family was her biggest love. Elsie loved curling and met her husband, Norman Bradley, while playing at the Glenella Curling Club. They were married in August 1951 and had one son George Bradley. Sadly, Norman passed away only four years after they married. Elsie moved back to Glenella and took on the responsibility of raising her son with the help of her Mother. She later earned her Teaching Certificate and started a career as a country schoolteacher. The Rotary E Club of Southwest USA is a great way to attend a Rotary meeting and get credit for a make-up. All you need to do is go to their web site, register and browse through the selection of meeting topics available. Outgoing president Mike thanked his team and the entire club for their commitment and contributions over the past year. Special recognition was given to a number of Paul Harris Award winners, as well as past president John Lawson and ADG Karen Biker, both of whom received Special Recognition awards from the president. The RCOP held its annual Changeover Night under the stars at Opus Restaurant last Saturday, as new President Art Forbes officially took over the helm from outgoing president Mike Sottak. President Art welcomed his new board and energized the club for another great year. It was a busy week for our District’s leader, with visits to North Caicos and Grand Turk as well as lots of activity on Provo. Rotarian Nell also hosted a social night at her house for the DG and Rotarians and Rotaractors . Rotarians and Rotaractors will be out in force during the holidays this year, collecting food and other goods in our annual Christamas Food Drive program. Teams will be stationed at the major grocery stores throughout Provo on weekends in December, soliciting a can or two from exiting shoppers.


The Rotary Club of Providenciales hosted a team of visiting professionals from St. Augustine, Florida this past week as part of Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange program. Members of the visiting 3-person team were hosted for a week at local Rotarians’ homes and treated to a full schedule of events, presentations, vocational shadowing, dinners and social activities. If a problem is encountered, it is always best to speak to the person or people directly related to/affected by the issue. Concerns/complaints can be expressed to any member of the staff by the Resident or family. An independent advocate could be asked to make a complaint on the Resident’s behalf. It is important to provide a thorough summary of the facts including relevant dates and times. The Complaint Management Process offers Residents and families a way to express their concerns regarding a PCH or the long-term care system. While it is important to express feelings, it is important to stay focused on the facts so that the concern will have a successful resolution and the situation improves. Peter had a big beautiful garden and a big flower garden in his yard which he took a lot of pride in.

  • Residents enjoy predominantly private rooms, and each wing has a central area for dining and activities.
  • Helen and Roy farmed in the Solsgirth area and worked hard on the farm.
  • To calculate Residential Charges, please visit the Manitoba Health web site.
  • Mail order services in the field of general merchandise; promoting the goods and services of others through the distribution of printed materials, in connection with promotional contests.
  • All your personal clothing should be washable and be labeled with your name so that it will be returned to you when it is clean.

The best of these include card games, cash tournaments, and casino games. Many players have won tens of thousands of dollars from playing these games. The PCH App is one of the most popular games that you can play for real money. It’s a popular choice among players who want to win cash without risking their personal finances. Mom was happy in Country Meadows, where she was known to everyone as Baba. Not one to sit and complain, she participated in many activities such as baking, crafts, bingo, Handy Van excursions and listening to music supplied by different bands. One of her favourite winter pastimes was watching the Winnipeg Jets play hockey. She looked forward to and cherished visits from her family and friends. She loved the Family Christmas Parties where she could spend time with as many as were able to attend. It is important that you, a family member, or someone you trust visit several personal care homes prior to becoming a Resident. A visit provides you an opportunity to talk not only with the people who work at the home, but more importantly to the people who live there. Relationships with family, friends, residents and care givers all contribute to the quality of life of residents. Those relationships can be fostered by recreation programs such as friendly visiting, family recreation opportunities and other social programs. It offers cash tournaments and head-to-head online competitions. This site rewards users for playing games, browsing the web, watching videos, and saving money using coupons. So, it’s not only a great way to get cash fast, but also to spend your time wisely. If you’re looking for some legit online games to win real cash fast, you’ve come to the right place. There are many different games to choose from, and some of them offer huge prizes. I’ve played a lot of games, and I’m sure I missed out on a few that I would love to play again. Some of the best online games for winning cash are free or pay-to-play. Some of the best free games are those that reward you with real cash when you win a tournament. Some games require you to make in-app purchases to unlock their full potential. Other free games have no in-app purchases and don’t require you to pay to win. Elsie eventually moved to Beausejour where she lived and worked. She became very involved in the Royal Canadian Legion, Ladies Auxiliary and Club 60. After she retired, she moved to Selkirk MB in 1994, then moved to Winnipeg in 2010 to be closer to family. During this time, Elsie remained active in the Legion and received her 30year service award just two years ago. Being the strong independent woman she was, lived on her own until three years ago when she had a fall and was hospitalized for several months. On release from the hospital, she took up residence at Oakview Place PCH where she was well taken care of and very happy with many new friends. Elsie was loved by all the staff at the home and enjoyed all the activities. They became her extended family and gave her the best of care. JUNE 18, 2009 – The Rotary Club of Providenciales is nearing completion of a donation of a wide variety of essential goods and a vehicle to the Provo Children’s Home this week. The items were initially part of a support program for the original PCH, but became even more important when the old home was destroyed in last fall’s hurricanes. The goods have been provided to the children and care givers in their temporary locations being used by the PCH.


She drove a school bus for many years and treated all the kids like her own. When not working in the garden or raising chickens, pigs and a few cows in China Town, she enjoyed Bingo and following her children in sports, then it was the grandchildren and great grandchildren. President Mike, PDG Karen and Norma headed to North Caicos this past weekend to help support the 1st Annual Back to School Jamboree for the kids of North and Middle Caicos. Held at Miss B’s Plaza, the event attracted eager school kids who enjoyed games and fun, and goodie bags full of back to school supplies courtesy of the RCOP. We even met old friend Wilbet Forbes there, who is trying to organize a Rotary Corps group on North. Having a Health Care Directive may prevent your family or loved ones from having to make a decision about your treatment when they aren’t clear about your values or beliefs around certain areas of proposed treatment. There may be occasions when different members of the family have different views and beliefs as to what treatment should be provided.

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Thank you to all the Rotarians who came out to clean up the Rotary park in Grace Bay between Somerset and Sibonne on Saturday 13th August at 6.30am. On October 6, Middle Caicos Cafe located at Windsor Plaza on Leeward Highway became our third meeting venue for this year. The Big Kid Project is a project of the Rotary Club of Pignon, Haiti and is designed to assist the communities in the Pignon area in providing nutrition for their families. She was predeceased by her parents, all of her siblings and her husband Roy on February 11, 1983. Helen is survived by her three children, Sharon and Walter of Winnipeg and Bernice of Vancouver as well as her sister-in-law Phyllis in Brandon. Helen married Roy Budz on July 7, 1947 in Rossburn, Manitoba. Helen and Roy farmed in the Solsgirth area and worked hard on the farm. She enjoyed tending to the chickens and cows, baking bread and always had a large garden. Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. The Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown is a proud sponsor of the Key Club at Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown.

Its our Club’s Anniversary!

In some Homes there is a Rehabilitation Aide that will assist residents with the appropriate exercises that are recommended by a Physiotherapist. Usually entering a personal care home is a choice that is made after all other alternatives such as family, Home Care, Independent Living with Services or Supportive Housing have been explored to adequately meet your care needs. Your doctor or Home Care worker will refer you to the appropriate place to assist you in applying for a personal care home. They had 2 calls on Halloween night, and then a few nights later the old School burnt in Lot 16. The interviews went well for Deputy chief there was 2 applications and they were both good candidates. Jason is recommending to council that Doug Trowsdale be appointed as Deputy Chief and that if council approves he would like to make the announcement at the Christmas dinner Dec 4th. Chase the Ace is getting busier now that there is less cards. Jason was also speaking with Minister Fox that they are looking in to see if the Under Writers would change the replacement plan of 20 + 5 years for trucks for small communities since the trucks do not get used as much as the bigger cities. “It’s really nice to see things in there,” added King, who was in the new facility just the other day checking on progress. “It’s coming along pretty well. There’s some really nice things about that facility, I think residents will feel quite comfortable in it and I think staff will enjoy it as well.” Our sincere gratitude to the staff at the Winnipegosis Personal Care Home for their care of Peter, the phone calls updating us and the support and care given to us and Peter during the last few weeks he was with us. We would like to offer our sincere support to anyone coping with grief. Enter your email below for our complimentary daily grief messages. Messages run for up to one year and you can stop at any time. Necro Canada, a search engine specialized in obituary, daily updates the publication of notices of death, allowing increased visibility to an additional gateway to pay a final homage to the deceased or at least pay him a posthumous tribute. At Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home we strive to provide the highest quality of care to all of our residents. We depend on the skills and compassionate caring of individuals in a variety of disciplines. Staff are committed to excellence and strive to move from “caring for our residents” to “caring about our residents”. At Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home we strive to provide the highest quality of care to all of our residents. A Physician provides medical care to the PCH on a bi-weekly basis and the local ambulance & hospital is on call 24 hrs a day. Nursing services are provided by a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Practical Nurse 24 hrs a day. She enjoys Bingo, music, jigsaw puzzles, and of course, babies! On behalf of all Riverdale PCH residents, resident families and staff, our sincere thank you and utmost respect Phyllis for your service and contributions to our great country,” Lennox added. Our committee welcomes feedback from all local and regional residents. If you have something relevant to share with the committee please contact us and we will put your item on the agenda. The committee meets 4-6 times annually and shares their unapproved Minutes with anyone who requests a copy. The Minutes may be received either in paper format or electronically. Please contact either source below to request your copy of the Minutes. Our newly renovated facility is nestled in the quiet village of Lark Harbour, known for its spectacular scenery and hiking trails. Fully licensed as a level 1&2 retirement home, you can be assured that care & safety is our top priority along with fostering independence and healthy, active lifestyles. I love helping the elderly or kids there both great company to have, the staff are very hard working and good at having to be strict with the elders .

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If you qualify for a Personal Care Home they will contact you as soon as possible to assist you in choosing the Care Home you wish to enter. Annual basis to make sure that they are in good working condition. The pump at the east lagoon was sent in for service and all 4 pumps will be maintained this year, so when they are finished the community will have 2 good back up pumps. “It was a blessing for the Vance family the day Papa was taken into your care. Ann used to come everyday, first by bus then from the apartments in the units behind until she was admitted herself.” We work hard to create a positive, engaging lifestyle for all of our residents. Once completed, work will begin on phase two, which involves renovations to the existing personal care home in order to add 30 more beds and some office space. “There’s a period of deficiencies and the furniture moving in, training for staff with the new systems in the new facility and then residents will move in after that…by late-April/early-May.” The new personal care home in Carman continues to take shape.

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Grunion Calendar Week of Aug. 18-25.

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To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Robert Howard Jarvie, please visit our floral store. Traders are seeing a slightly greater probability of the Fed raising rates by 50 basis points in September, rather than a third 75 basis-point hike. The Fed has lifted its benchmark interest rate by 225 bps so far this year to control four-decades high inflation. The U.S. Federal Reserve on Tuesday issued additional guidance for banks considering activities involving cryptocurrencies, emphasizing that firms must notify the Fed beforehand and make sure whatever they do is legally permitted. Banks should also notify the Fed before engaging in any crypto-related activities, and any banks that had already pursued crypto initiatives should also notify the Fed about their involvement in the digital asset space, the agency said. The official, who requested anonymity to discuss the ministry’s confidential analysis, said Brazil’s trade surplus this year is on track to miss the $81.5 billion projected earlier this month. Normal visitation is suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic Public Health Directions. Please see ‘COVID-19 News & Updates’ section for current visiting information. A Resident Activity Worker is on site offering crafts, games, baking, outings, exercise groups and many other activities. Wanda Lennox, Activities Coordinator for Riverdale PCH, indicated how happy and proud everyone was for this special recognition day to honour Phyllis for all of her achievements. Phyllis Eastcott was born in 1922 in Fisherton , Manitoba, the middle child of a family of 13 children. Out of 13 children, Phyllis was one of five to serve in the 2nd World War. Her four brothers, Gerald, Bill, Henry and Charlie all served, with her brothers serving overseas. In September 2019, federal Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAuley made a public apology to our Métis Veterans. The allocated funds recognize Métis veterans of the Second World War for their pre-war experiences and supports initiatives that promote and commemorate Métis Veterans’ sacrifices and contributions. Chartrand has been visiting surviving Métis Veterans of the Second World War to thank them in person and present them with their compensation cheques. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to process international online transactions. Please keep in mind that under the official rules for Publishers Clearing House there are geographic limitations to entry into our promotions, contests and giveaways. After you place your order, BrilliantClothCo will take 1-2 business days to prepare it for dispatch. The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipient’s location , the seller’s processing time and location, and the delivery company.

Baldur Health Care

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The most appropriate decision-maker is the one with a close, caring relationship with you, is aware of your values and beliefs and is willing and able to make the needed decisions. This person along with the health care team of the Personal Care Home as well as your doctor will meet to discuss all aspects of your care including the type of care you would wish to have provided and make a care plan accordingly. In some Regions they have what is called an Advanced Care Plan. This part of the care plan considers decisions around future or potential end-of-life treatment options and preferences to be considered. 24 hour nursing care provided is Provincially Legislated for all residents. All Personal Care Homes have nursing staff that includes Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides. Nursing is part of a team that works with all other departments to put a plan together to accommodate all aspects of a resident’s life. You and your family are encouraged to take part the planning of care by participating in care conferences. All Personal Care Homes have a Recreation department that provides a wide variety of programs that are designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of residents in the Home. They may include pet therapy, music therapy, movies, picnics and BBQs in the summer, fitness programs, Bingo, and other games as well as friendly visiting for residents that can no longer take part in the larger programs. The Personal Care Home, known as Baldur Manor, is the perfect place for senior citizens that require long term care. There are various activities planned throughout the week for the residents; they can go out for walks with staff members, play games, attend music events held in the facility, as well as choose to sit out and enjoy the sun on the patio. The friendly staff, and meal plans are another key component. There are many apps and game sites that offer legitimate opportunities to win real money.

The maintenance department will check them prior to use to assure they are safe for use in your suite. This will include such things as electric razors, hair dryers, T.Vs, radios, fans etc. There may be specific visiting hours in the Home that you are in, but the majority of Homes allow visitors at any time during the day or evening. Visitors should make sure that they are free of colds or the flu or any contagious diseases when visiting you in the Home. Yes, you can go out with your family or friends at any time for up to 72 hours. Just be sure to let the nurse in charge know that you have are going and when, so that arrangements can be made for any medications that you may need and that they will be aware of where you are. Absences from the Home for treatment in hospital may not exceed 21 days for each period of hospitalization except under circumstances that are approved by the Regional Health Authority. The residential charge will continue to be collected for the period of time you are absent. All medications prescribed by a physician or a nurse practitioner and covered by the Manitoba Health Nursing Home Formulary, are part of the insured program of Manitoba Health and there is no cost to the resident. However, your physician or nurse practitioner may prescribe medications that are approved by Health Canada, but not on the provincial formulary. To help you ask some the important questions during your visit the following check list has been provided. Selecting the right personal care home for you is a difficult decision to make. There is a different process in each of the Regional Health Authorities in Manitoba however the same principals are followed. Each person must be seen by a number of professional staff including a doctor who will complete an application and assessment form that will be submitted to a panel. A process called paneling takes place where a number of professionals look at your needs and determine which option they could offer to best meet your needs.

  • At Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home we strive to provide the highest quality of care to all of our residents.
  • Some of the best free games are those that reward you with real cash when you win a tournament.
  • The Laundry Department in each of the Homes will take care of both linens and personal clothing.
  • Electric power strips and surge protectors; measuring cups and measuring spoons; outdoor thermometers; electric devices for killing insects, namely, bug zappers.

The Christmas Food drive is a great ‘hands’ on’ project that only takes a few hours of your time, and is a fun way to connect with our community. For the past 4 years, the Rotary Club of Providenciales has sponsored a child living in Ecuador, South America. The Children of the Andes is a project is managed by the Rotary Club of Quito Valle Interoceánico. Visit -of-the-andes-ecuador.orgfor more on Children of the Andes. Each year Rotarians with a local doctor visit the primary schools in Providenciales to provide eyeglasses for students. Melanie Smith, Founder & CEO of Turks & Caicos Recruitment Group is our guest speaker at tomorrow’s club meeting . He is confused most of the time and does not know where he is. He often goes into other residents’ rooms and takes things that he likes, for example, clothing, pictures, and books. Sometimes he just lies down on their bed because he becomes sleepy. If he is startled, he sometimes lashes out to protect himself,……because he is afraid and confused. All Personal Care homes have taken safety measures to assure that the resident with Alzheimer’s disease or a dementia of any kind are secure and unable to access areas where harm may inadvertently come to them. These safety measures may include key pads at doors, a resident bracelet that will automatically sound an alarm and lock the door, or a special unit where the environment is safe. If you have made a Living Will you should also bring it with you. You can obtain a copy of the Legislation pertaining to the Health Care Directive and a form that can be used from your local Public Health office or from the Personal Care Home. At the time of admission to a Care Home a staff member will probably ask you if you have a Health Care Directive and if not, what your wishes are in the event that you become unable to make decisions about your care. Yes, most homes have a policy that requires that all electrical appliances are CSA approved.

Later, Scrabble games with Rae and Brent became a favourite activity and almost taught Rae more patience – she’s working on it! To that end, Ruth surely taught us all the importance of being kind, exercising patience and being grateful for the gifts we are given. After retiring from farming, she remained on the farm where she enjoyed time in her garden and spending time with her dog. She also enjoyed having family and friends over to the farmhouse for meals and a nice evening of playing cards. She enjoyed playing bingo, listening to the news and music, attending get togethers, attending spiritual services, and visiting with her family and friends. A Personal Care Home in Manitoba is a facility dedicated specifically to providing care for those individuals whose long term care needs can no longer be met appropriately at home by the family and/or by supporting community services. The insured personal care home program in Manitoba is provided in licensed personal care home facilities designated by the Minister of Health. Dedicated to reflect in all its activities, the OSCN PCH promotes the health and wellness of the resident in all aspects of his/her life. The facility is the resident’s home therefore OSCN PCH provides a safe, home-like environment, respecting the privacy of each resident. `Resident-Centered Quality Care’ is the focus and is provided with Dignity, Compassion and in Partnership with residents, their family and/or appointed representative. If you are looking for legit online games to win real cash fast, try playing KONAMI slots. These games are designed with colorful symbols and movement that will keep you interested. Konami also provides high quality graphics and sound effects. Whether you are looking for a safe place to play online casino games or want to take your game to the next level, Konami has a variety of games to choose from. Ruth was born and raised in Winnipeg but relocated to Brandon in the fall of 2019, where she resided at Victoria Landing until October 2020. After a lengthy hospitalization she was moved to Fairview in the spring of 2021. She fully enjoyed the friendships she had made at Victoria Landing and the kind care and support from the staff, and was disappointed that she was physically unable to return. Ruth was also afforded more family “children” through her stepsister Jan Foreman , stepbrothers, Alf Goodall , Robert Goodall , Bruce Goodall and Terry Goodall . Services in relation to the operation and management of sweepstakes and prize draws. Technical consultancy and advising in the establishment of electronic retailing via a computer in the field of general merchandise. The Riverdale Personal Care Home is a 20-bed facility that offers care for levels 2 – 4 residents. There are many services available for the residents including a hairdressing & foot care for a fee, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietary and medical services. An adult Day Program is also offered which keeps residents active and engaged. There are exercise programs, designated outings, bingos, Church services, baking, musical entertainment, celebrations, socializing, crafts and one on one interaction. If you are unable to speak for yourself and have no Health Care Directive, the doctor and health care team will turn to one or more family members or friends to assist them in planning your care.

  • The Fed has lifted its benchmark interest rate by 225 bps so far this year to control four-decades high inflation.
  • We encourage you to check our site frequently for the latest updates to our services.
  • I’ve played a lot of games, and I’m sure I missed out on a few that I would love to play again.
  • A Physician provides medical care to the PCH on a bi-weekly basis and the local ambulance & hospital is on call 24 hrs a day.
  • The clubs worked with the gracious support of Dr Julian Petrucci of Menzies Optometry who conducted eye tests for 53 students and identified 11 that are in need of prescriptive glasses to see clearly.

Helping Residents with meals has brought joy and new purpose to staff that would not have previously been involved in Resident care. Koven, our Medical Director, is now the only MD that will be onsite to assess Residents. He does not attend other sites at this time so is less likely to bring COVID-19 into our building. Other MDs will respond to phone calls from nursing and do virtual visits as able. “Le Nursing” at La Villa Youville welcomes seniors who need complete long term care. As a resident in one of our 66 rooms, you can expect care from our dedicated and respectful team members. Lived next-door to her, worked at the hospitals with her, loved her mom and dad and all the family. We were so sorry to see the paper and the story of Ruth’s life and passing. Her Mom and our Mom grew up in the same small town and were friends for life. May Ruth Rest In Peace remembered by her friends and family. Small kitchen appliances, namely, electric food blenders and mixers. Cutlery and flatware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; scissors. Small kitchen appliances, namely, electric griddles, electric frying pans, crock pots, steamers and waffle irons. The Rivers Rehabilitation Unit was opened in 2005 and is part of the Wait Time Reduction Strategy aimed at reducing wait times for patients needing joint replacement or repair surgery. The patients receive daily orthopedic therapy designed specifically for their needs. We’re on the move again Rotarians – our new Thursday meeting place will be at Iguana Restaurant in the Salt Mills Plaza. Dinner + fellowship fees will be $26, which includes a choice of one of 3 entrees, dessert, tips and taxes. A GSE Team from Arizona visited us the week of June 23 and had a great time. The toured Provo, met some folks in similar vocations, went to Grand Turk and cruised our famous waters on the SS Rotary. Here they are at Changeover Night with their hosts – Micky, Betty, John and Mike. Mel Flores was recently inducted into our club, and is sponsored by our President John. Mel is originally from Belize, and has moved to TCi from New York City with his wife and young daughter. The RCOP hosted DG Errol Alberga and his wife Leonie from August as part of the annual trip to the Turks and Caicos that the leader of District 7020 makes. He visited both our club and Grand Turk (where he helped charter a new Rotaract Club!), and promoted the 2010 District Conference in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. Tom Lighbourne passed away today after battling a long illness. Tom was a past District Governor ( ) for District 7020, a two-time President of the Rotary Club of Providenciales, and a charter member of that Club. He touched many lives in the Turks & Caicos Community, within District 7020, and throughout the Rotary world. He remained active as a leader of District 7070 up until his death. Three cheers for ADG Karen for organizing yet another flawless visit by the DG of District 7020! She kept the DG and husband entertained and informed for almost a week and really helped them see the strength of Rotary throughout our islands and in the communities we serve.

He loved to pick vegetables and berries and preserving them. He enjoyed various card games, doing puzzles and later playing bingo with friends at Winnipegosis PCH. The Medical Clinic for primary health care services is open Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. The sale of magazine subscriptions for others through mail order services. Mail order services in the field of general merchandise, operation and management of sweepstakes and prize draws.. The operation and management of sweepstakes and prize draws. Sale of magazine subscriptions for others through mail order services. Mail order services in the field of general merchandise; operation and management of sweepstakes and prize draws. On-line retail services featuring general merchandise; selling magazines on a subscription basis for others via a global computer network; promoting the sale of goods of others through promotional contests on a global computer network. Sweepstake services; sweepstake services provided over a global computer network. Promoting the sale of goods and services of others through the distribution of printed materials and promotional contests. A fun day visiting the Provo elementary schools and handing out dictionaries to the 3rd graders. A great literacy project and much appreciated by the kids and teachers alike. President Mike even learned how to spell i-n-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n Nice job Community Service team! The RCOP visited the Ianthe Pratt as its first stop on a tour of the local primary school to test kids for vision problems. In partnership with Dr Julian Petrucci, who generously donated his time, we tested 45 kids at IPPS, and will move on to Oseta Jolley and Enid Capron schools next. The program is supported by a Simplifed Grant from District 7020. A record jackpot drew record crowds to our weekly Bingo game this past month and the streak which began in July finally ended last night, Januaury 31. Socito Del la Cruz covered all his spots in the jackpot game with just 53 balls, and took home a whopping $28,000. Close to 1,000 players jammed the Tropicana for their chance to win the big money, and even the preliminary games awarded record-level prizes. The real winner is Rotary of course as we will use the proceeds we earn as part of the Bingo fundraiser to support projects here in TCI and around the world. With the dramatic need for aid in Haiti, we will undoubtedly be able to use the extra revenue generated by this round of Bingo. The Rotary Club of Providenciales, in conjunction with the Rotary Community Corps of North and Middle Caicos, recently completed an eye testing program for children attending elementary schools on North and Middle Caicos. The clubs worked with the gracious support of Dr Julian Petrucci of Menzies Optometry who conducted eye tests for 53 students and identified 11 that are in need of prescriptive glasses to see clearly. The Rotary Clubs will provide the glasses at no charge to those in need. The program builds on a similar program conducted by Rotary each year in Providenciales. The Health Care Directive you make is binding on your proxy, your friends, relatives and health care professionals and will be honored by the courts. It is important that if you have made a Health Care Directive a copy of it is provided to the Personal Care Home when you are admitted so that the health care staff will be able to abide by your wishes and plan your care accordingly. August 28 will be the annual summer party for the department. December 4th will be the annual Christmas dinner at the Miscouche Legion. The monument was delivered today and has been covered with a tarp till September 18th. Jason wanted to know if the community would be interested in doing a proclamation for September 18 to be a recognized day for fallen fire fighters for Miscouche, St Nicholas and the fire district of Miscouche. This would mean that on that day the flags will be at half mast and the wreaths will be placed. The department received a letter from the PEIFF Association advising that they are encouraging them to pay for the 2020 year, and if not then they will like to see the department back in 2022. The department would like to thank the council for nominating them for the Covid Warrior Coin. All the harassment forms have been completed and passed into the office. John added that the department had 4 calls last month and that the fire extinguisher were coming due for inspection. Michelle advised him that this task was completed yesterday. Residents enjoy predominantly private rooms, and each wing has a central area for dining and activities. Regular social events are planned, including outings, exercise groups, one to one activities, bingo and many more, according to the desires of the residents.

Content CLUB ELECTION RESULTS PCH.COM Its our Club’s Anniversary! Long Term Nursing Home for Seniors One of the most popular game apps to win real cash is the PCH App. It has earned the reputation of “The Place Where America Plays to Win”. “That doesn’t mean that staff aren’t scared,” Laurie added, however. “I think…